Take Control of your team and time on site with smart scheduling and GPS tracking

Efficiently schedule jobs to your landscapers both from office and on site using your mobile device. Use Ascora’s inbuilt GPS tracking to track the location and status of each job to make management and rescheduling flexible yet efficient.

Schedule your next job with regular clients easily without re-entering all details. Ascora gives you the flexibility to create a repeat job from site – for example if your client’s lawn is growing faster than expected you can easily adjust to come back in four weeks instead of five with a single tap.

Quick and precise quoting

Create accurate quotes on site and get client approval immediately.

Offline mode

Ascora works completely offline meaning you can work with the system no matter where you are, even at location where there’s no internet connection. You can continue to create Quotes, Jobs and Invoices as normal. Once you are back online again all of this data is synchronized up to the Ascora server in the cloud!

Get Paid On Site

No need to carry around an extra terminal to process credit card payments. An Invoice can be generated within Ascora from the Job and the credit card payment processed immediately while on site using your mobile device. Customers can also pay logging into Ascora Customer Portal when they get your invoice emailed to them. Make it easy for your customers to pay you.

More Reasons Why Landscapers Love Ascora

Accounts Integrations

Ascora integrates to your accounting systems such as Myob, Xero and QuickBooks


Automated SMS follow ups with your clients to confirm appointments, follow up on outstanding invoices or invoice reminders. You can setup Ascora to automatically send the reminders to your clients to leave the side gate open or lock up their dog!


Get real-time access to all your data such as lead source analysis, time utilization, job profitability, callout costs and account reconciliation reports.

Customer and Enquiry Portal

Save time on data entry! Ascora takes all the relevant information from your enquiry page on your website and enter them directly into the system. Your customer can also upload photos for better descriptions.