Smart scheduling and real-time updates on each staff job progress and time on site

Schedule jobs to your contractors both in office and on site using your mobile device. Know where your staff are using Ascora’s inbuilt GPS tracking and the status of each job to make management and rescheduling flexible yet efficient.

Quick and accurate quoting

Make use of kits, or pre-import supplies to create accurate quotes on site and get client approval immediately. Set standard sections/job types for multi-stage, or longer running projects.

Electronic forms

Create any kind of electronic forms including checklist and JSA using familiar Microsoft Word to generate the template – simply define the types of questions and then layout the corresponding fields in your template. Store your electronic forms against a job and email out if required. Completed forms are stored against the relevant Job or Section as a permanent record.

Progress Claims

Break up your projects into the various contract values and issue multiple progress claims based on your current percentage complete or value to be claimed. Each claim generated will also detail all previous claims on the Project as well as the overall amounts invoiced and paid.

Get Paid On Site

No need to carry around an extra terminal to process credit card payments. An Invoice can be generated within Ascora from the Job and the credit card payment processed immediately while on site using your mobile device. You can also process Payments on the Ascora website and also give your Customers the option to pay online.

Additional Features to Assist your Construction Workflow

Accounts Integration

Ascora integrates to your accounting systems such as Myob, Xero and QuickBooks


Automated SMS follow ups with your clients to avoid missed appointments


Get real-time access to all your data to run your business effectively such as lead source analysis, time utilization, job profitability, callout costs and account reconciliation reports.

Offline mode

Don’t let a poor or intermittent data connection interrupts you! Ascora works completely offline meaning you can work with the system no matter where you are.

Before and after Pictures

Attach pictures to Jobs and Quotes. Prove that you left the job site safe and the Multiple Earth Neutral (MEN) connection intact and correctly connected.

Recurring jobs

Seamlessly schedule recurring jobs with existing data