Job Management Software for Accounting Staff

Let Ascora Automate Your Back Office Processes and Take the Hassle out of Invoicing so you can focus on your Trade

Field Invoicing

Jobs can easily be converted into Invoices while out in the field with a single Tap.

Mobile users can also record any payments taken and also process credit card payments immediately while they are with the Customer.

All invoices and payments taken are synchronised back to Ascora, so there is no longer a need to follow up for any paperwork.

Easy Payroll

Timesheets in Ascora are automatically recorded when Field Workers check into and out of Jobs.

If penalty rates apply these times entries can be split or edited and Ascora produces an itemised time report with total hours for the selected period.

Invoice Templates

Select the level of detail to be displayed on a generated Invoice. Choose to show itemised, detailed pricing or just summary information on your invoice.

Invoices can be customised to show Bank Account details and any necessary license or registration numbers. You can also choose to replace the whole invoice header with a custom graphic.

Ts & Cs

Have an existing page of terms and conditions added to the back of your current invoices?

No problems - simply upload your fine print as a PDF and Ascora will automatically append it to any invoice generated.

Quick Processing

Easily see any invoices in Ascora that need to be emailed to a client or for which clients have requested paper copies to be mailed to them when the Job was completed out in the field.Simply filter and select the invoices to be emailed or posted and Ascora will print or email them in single click.

Accept Online Payments

Ascora makes it even easier to accept payments from your Customers.

Ascora includes a link allowing your Customer to view, print or download your invoice then pay via credit card online. You can also configure the various Credit Card Types that are accepted and the individual surcharge for each type of card as needed.

No More Double Entry!

Ascora can automatically synchronise your account related details with all major accounting packages. As invoices are created in Ascora, the accounts integration module will automatically create the necessary Customer, Invoice and Payment details as needed in your accounting system. Want to break out the income for particular products or services? No problems - simply enter the necessary GL codes into your Job Types, Supplies or Surcharges and Ascora will take care of the rest!