Awesome Software for Quoting and Estimating

Quote faster and more accurately with Ascora

Quotes of all Sizes

Ascora enables you to create either fixed price or rate based Quotes. For larger projects you can also create multi-section or multi-tiered Quotes which will automatically convert into Multi-section Jobs.

Task Reminders - Don't Miss a Thing

With Ascora's flexible Tasks you can create tasks to appear on your dashboard to automatically follow-up with your Customer. The Ascora Quotation list will also display all currently open Quotes to ensure you can effectively manage your Quotes.

Kits & Templates

Capture your expert knowledge by creating Kits and Job Templates in Ascora.

Kits allow you to record the Labour and Materials that are used for common tasks and these can be added to any Quote, Job or Invoice.

Job Templates takes this to the next level and enables you to create a whole Job outline, specifying Job Type, Description, Supplies, Kits, Callouts, Checklist Items allowing you to have a ready to action Job in a couple of clicks.

You can also copy and adjust an existing similar Quotation.

Ascora lets you dramatically reduce the time taken to generate a Quote while improving the accuracy.

Custom Quote Templates

With Ascora you can create any custom Quote template you would like. Simply take an existing Word Document, add in the special Ascora fields and then upload into Ascora. You can have multiple saved templates then select the appropriate one when sending off a Quote to a Customer.

Single Click Convert

Convert a Quote to a Job in a single click in Ascora. No need to ever re-enter or double enter information again.

Mobile Quotations

Quotations can be created from Jobs while out in the field. If you need additional authorisation for a new or large scope of work while on site you can quickly create a Quote from a Job, add on the various Materials and expected Labour and immediately email the Quote using the same templates you have access to while in the office.

You can even collect a Customer's signature and convert the Quote to a Job immediately while on Site.