Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Ascora?

Ascora is a complete trade job management designed to streamline the management and operations of growing trades and service-based businesses. Ascora enables your business to continue to grow at an even quicker speed while spending significantly less time on admin work.

If you are currently spending days and days on administrative tasks, find yourself having to keep hiring more admin staff to keep on top of your administrative tasks or wasting time due to poor communication between the office and field it’s time to automate tasks with a click of a button via Ascora to slash admin time.

Who is Ascora for?

Ascora is suitable for any trade business who wants to take advantage of advanced technology to communicate between the office and field in real-time, automate manual processes – such as supplier bills – and gain insights into their business operations and profitability.

Whether you are a Plumber, Locksmith, Electrician or HVAC Technician, Ascora will make your business run more efficiently and significantly reduce admin costs! Click on this link for a whole list of business industries currently benefitting from the cost savings and growing their businesses using Ascora and see if your industry is one of them.

What is the Cloud and Where is My Data Stored?

Ascora is cloud-based - this means there are no installations needed (apart from our dedicated mobile apps) and no need to worry about servers or other hardware.

Ascora is hosted in industry leading Microsoft data centres across multiple geographic locations, so you can rest assured that your data is safe. 95% of Fortune 500 companies trust their business on Microsoft Azure.

How Secure is Ascora?

The Ascora Mobile, iPad, Android and Web systems communicate with your company’s central data source stored securely in the cloud, protected by next generation 2,048-bit encryption - significantly more secure than even Internet Banking!

We also undergo yearly audits for PCI DSS Compliance by a leading US security specialist.

Where Was Ascora Developed?

Ascora is developed and supported from our headquarters in Perth, Western Australia.

How often does Ascora provide feature upgrades?

The Ascora Team is very active in listening to our users and our team of developers provide feature upgrades exceptionally frequently with new versions being released every 1 to 4 weeks.

Is there a lock in contract?

There is no lock in contracts with Ascora. We want you to keep using Ascora because of the value if brings to your business, not due to a contract.

How much does Ascora cost?

Please see our pricing page by clicking on this link.

What is a One-time Implementation Fee?

When you go ahead with Ascora we want to ensure that you can maximise the benefits as a result of implementing Ascora as the platform for your business.

Ascora is a complete job management software that eliminates the need to run multiple pieces of software, spreadsheets, calendars etc. Ascora is exceptionally powerful and configurable to the workflows of your business. Training is critical to get the most value from utilising Ascora, saving you hours of time and helping you get up and running in the right way. Setup requires dedicated time and our highly trained team knows what to look out for to ensure that your Ascora account is setup correctly from the start.

Depending on the packages, Ascora’ s one-time implementation fee covers your Ascora setup, training your team to quickly get up and running with Ascora so your business can start seeing the time and cost savings quicker and also support your team on your questions while you are using Ascora. Rather than spend hours or weeks creating your forms and templates, let the Ascora team take care of this for you so you can get up and running with less time and effort and focus on the transformation of your business.

Is Ascora the only Job Management to charge this cost?

No, it is common practice for any advanced software, not only job management, to charge an implementation or onboarding fee. Depending on your package, this fee covers your setup, training and support which you may otherwise have to pay for separately or may not be provided.

We’ve worked with thousands of trade businesses over the years and have put together packages that will suit your business size and needs once we understand your business workflows. We will recommend the most cost-effective package that best suits your workflow to you to get you up and running in the shortest possible time.

I have used other software and they don’t have a setup fee

This really depends on whether you’re looking for a basic job management system that covers only a fraction of your business or powerful software that truly makes a difference to the level of automation and provides your business with a platform to systemise, grow and scale.

Ascora is ever evolving and grows with your business.

What does the monthly subscription cover?

The monthly subscription covers server costs, hosting your data, Google maps integrations and ongoing research and development resulting in an ever-evolving Ascora platform.

I need more information; can I please get a demonstration?

Absolutely! Please click here to book a free demonstration with one of our product specialists. As we would like all of us to be on the same page when we answer all your questions, we encourage all decision makers and business owners to attend the demonstration.

I would like to go ahead, what do I need to do?

Click here or call us on 1300 810 789 to speak to one of our product specialists to get you started.