Powerful Scheduling Software

Scheduling as it's meant to be

Schedule As You Need To

Ascora lets you allocate multiple visits for a Job across as many tradesmen as needed whether from the iPad or Android app or Ascora Portal.

If you split your workforce into Teams, you can even assign any or all tradesmen from the Team onto the Job.

Team View

To reduce the clutter on the schedule you can divide your workforce up into Teams. Flip the schedule between Teams to see the Unscheduled, In-Progress or Multi-Visit Jobs as well as the current schedule for each Team Member.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

The central hub of Ascora is the Scheduler. You can quickly and easily view the current schedule, create new Jobs for a selected timeslot and technician.

You can also drag out incomplete Jobs or Jobs which have been marked as multi-visit or reattendance required.

Colour Coding

Ascora lets you allocate any colour to any Job Type in the system, meaning you can not only quickly see the status of a particular Job but also the type of Job just at a glance.

Not only can you colour code each Job Type, you can also fully customise the information displayed in the Job Booking on the calendar.

Map View

Use Ascora's Map View to quickly see the location of every Job, every Technician and even the Office.

Filter this list as needed to see unscheduled Jobs, Jobs booked for today, in-progress or completed jobs easily.