Ascora - Google Integration

What is Ascora?

Ascora is the leading Job Management and operations system. It lets you seamlessly handle all of your core business workflows from Enquiries, through Quotes, Jobs and Invoicing.

Why Integrate Ascora with your Gmail Account

Ascora enables you to utilise your Gmail email account for emailing out quotes, job cards, purchase orders and invoicing. By connecting your Gmail/GSuite account via OAuth, Ascora will be connected to and send out via your email so to the recipients it will appear that the email was sent from your account. You’ll be able to send emails directly from Ascora with your Gmail/Gsuite account streamlining the whole process. So, for example you will be able to email a Quotation from Ascora using your Gmail email account. Any replies to the email sent via Ascora will appear in your standard Gmail inbox.

Privacy Policy

Ascora does not use your personal information for any other purposes than that described in our privacy policy. For details regarding Ascora’s privacy policy please refer to the following link here privacy policy